Cancer marker profile Brain and Pituitary

Price :

₹3135 3300

Total Test : 1 tests

Test Requirement :

Test Requirement  :

Sample Type: Blood
Fasting Required: 10-12 Hours
Tube Type: Serum

Description :

A tumor that develops in the pituitary gland is typically considered to be a type of brain cancer.
The pituitary gland, which is responsible for producing and releasing hormones into the body, is 
located inside the skull, just beneath the brain and above the nasal passages.

How are pituitary tumors diagnosed?

1) Blood and urine tests. These tests will check hormone levels in your blood and urine.
2) CT scan. This test uses X-rays and a computer to make images of your body.
3) MRI. 
4) Biopsy.

The signs and symptoms of pituitary tumors that don't make hormones (nonfunctioning) are related to their 
growth and the pressure they put on other structures.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone-secreting tumors
1) Weight loss.
2) Rapid or irregular heartbeat.
3) Nervousness or irritability.
4) Frequent bowel movements.
5) Excessive sweating.